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Effective Strategies to Promote MAP Business in Real World

Okay so you’re tired from promoting your MAP business in this complicated digital world and needs some fresh air—you go out to the near café and a pretty waitress arrives with cappuccino for you. She is probably tired of her inflexible boss and starts complaining about this because you seem like a nice person to her—what would be the first thing that’ll click your mind? Most naturally MAP. It would be quite hard for you to summarize the huge business of MAP—most likely it’ll not be digestible for that lady.

So you need some effective strategies to promote your MAP business in the offline world that is understandable by nontechnical persons with a main purpose of giving them the basic idea of what My Advertising Pays business is about and the earning potential from it. Thank goodness, this problem has been tackled by Richard Mead who laid the foundation of MAP in a Box that has some cool products to take your MAP business to a next level.

It is a private supply service recommended by Michael Deese (MAP CEO) that offers top-notch marketing products which saves your time and energy. Although MAP in a Box has various digital products in their inventory but we’ll only talk about the physical material which they’re offering because it’s currently our cup of tea. The products of MAP in a Box are the standard choice of many MAP entrepreneurs—they’re used widely on international and local events due to the premium quality it retains. It’s the number one choice of our super leaders!

A little about MAP in a Box

MIB is a private business supply service that was founded by Richard Mead in February 2015. It provides solid marketing tools for the MAP network both online and offline. From premium quality brochures to flyers, promo videos and lead pages, it is all packed in BOXES!

MAP Marketing Pack v2

my advertising pays product collage

MIB offers a complete pack for offline marketing purposes that comes fully customized with your personal details. With the high demand of the first pack, they moved on to the second version which is currently the latest on their store. It has a whopping 12 quality products that takes your business to the next level. Trust me on that. Let’s begin.

Map T-Shirt

my advertising pays shirt

MAP Brochure

map brochure outside


my advertising pays brochure


This is an extremely useful tri-fold brochure that contains your basic contact information on the front and perks of joining My Advertising Pays in the inside. A must-have marketing literature that tells your prospect the significance of MAP alongside the basic steps of joining & starting the journey on MAP.

Business Cards (2 styles)

map business cards

(Style 1)

my advertising pays business cards

(Style 2)

What is considered a good practice other than handshaking and smiling? Handing out your business cards to the people. MAP business cards are profound with your personal details written on the front with smooth design. A no-brainer.

A4 Flyers (2 styles)

my advertising pays A4 Flyers

(Style 1)

my advertising pays flyers

(Style 2)

When we talk about professionalism, the A4 Flyers come in.
They’re beautifully-designed piece of paper printed with basic information of My Advertising Pays business and your contact details—it cannot be any better than this. Some fine quality stuff.

A5 Flyers (2 styles)

MAP A5 Flyers

(Style 1)

my advertising pays A5 Flyers

(Style 2)

A5 Flyers are similar to the A4 Flyers but bigger in size and design. Just like the previous one, it contains basic information of the company with your contact information at the bottom. Spread out these flyers to promote MAP in a magnificent way.

Header Paper

my advertising pays headed paper

Eager to send a letter to someone very close to you? Then wait no longer! With this Header Paper, send an invitation explaining the MAP business you’re currently associated with style.

Postcards (2 Styles)

my advertising pays postcards

(Style 1)

MAP postcards

(Style 2)

Marketing is not complete without Postcards. Descriptive information is printed on these Postcards to give a glimpse of MyAdvertisingPays business with its accomplishments such as the members & ad statistics.

MAP Rollout Banner

my advertising pays rollout banner

MAP Rollout Banners are very handy when you’re organizing an event and wish to introduce people to the MAP business. Don’t limit yourself to events only—use them anywhere, from your local streets to the busy bazaars of your hometown!

Summing it up

MAP in a Box is an extremely useful marketing platform which offers fine quality tools & equipment that adds fuel to your MAP business. As of this writing, the MAP Marketing Pack v2 is currently on sale for only £49.95 ($78) with discount. It is highly recommended by Michael Deese, endorsed by Tony Booth and used by top leaders in different corners of the world.

How to promote a Clickbank product on My Advertising Pays?

Hey Everyone, 

There are many new M.A.P members that are interested to promote Clickbank products on My Advertising Pays and make sales from the Traffic Exchange, but unfortunately, most of the people don’t know how to set up an ad campaign in My Advertising Pays or they don’t do it the right way.

Today, I will make everything clear and show you how to promote Clickbank products on MAP by creating a simple ad campaign and make sales from the traffic.

So, let’s get started.

There are 3 basic things that you will need to do in order to promote a Clickbank product on MAP. 

1.) Find a product to promote from the Clickbank Marketplace. 

2.) Set up a text ad campaign inside My Advertising Pays.

3.) Assign Traffic Exchange Credits / Boosters to the campaign. 

We will go through each of the steps listed above, and finally set up a basic text ad campaign in My Advertising Pays.


 Step 1 – Finding a product to promote on Clickbank

The very first thing you need to do is to sign up for a free Clickbank account and then find a good product to promote from the Clickbank marketplace.  

Once you’re logged in to your Clickbank account, go to the marketplace. From there, select a category of products to promote from the left tab. For this specific example, I will chose the “E-BUSINESS & E-MARKETING” category but you can chose any category you want. Simply click the category you’re interested in and it will show you all the related products in that specific category. 

clickbank categories

On the next page, you will see a lot of products to promote. You need to find a good product that will convert.

Here’s what I look for when choosing a Clickbank product to promote:

1.) The product gives you at least 50% commission (You don’t want to earn pennies). 

2.) The product has a high gravity score (It’s a good sign that the product has high conversion rates)

3.) The sales page looks good and has a presentation video to demonstrate the product.

These are the 3 basic things that I check when deciding about which product to promote.

For this specific example, I will chose to promote the product called “Take Surveys For Cash”.

take surveys for cash

You can check the stats to see why I decided to promote this product.

It has:

A) Gravity score of over 200 which means it’s very popular

B) 75% Commission and an average of $23.63 per sale

C) It also has a good sales page.

After this, I will actually click the product to check the sales page for further investigation.

take surveys for cash salespage

As you can see, the sales page looks very good and it also has a great video showing the proofs that the system actually works. This is the reason why it has a gravity score of over 200. Simply because it has a great sales page.

Now, I’m happy with the product and I want to promote it. I will need to generate an affiliate link so that I can use it inside My Advertising Pays ad campaign to send traffic to.

To generate the affiliate link, simply go back to the CB marketplace and click the red “Promote” button.

promote take surveys for cash

On the next page, simply enter your clickbank username, leave the tracking field blank and click “Create” and it will automatically generate the affiliate link for you.

take surveys for cash affiliate link

Now simply copy this link and save it to the desktop as you will need it to insert in your My Advertising Pays campaign.

Step 2 – Setting up a simple ad campaign in My Advertising Pays

After you have selected a Clickbank product to promote, the next step is to set up a simple ad campaign in MAP.

To do that, simply log in to your My Advertising Pays back office and click “Setup Campaigns”
under “Advertising Center” tab.

set up campaigns my advertising pays

On the next page, you will be asked to fill out form for your campaign. Simply enter your Headline Text (Title), description of your ad, and in the URL tab enter your Clickbank affiliate link which you copied before. Finally add something compelling in the URL display field. This is the text which hides your Clickbank affiliate link.

For this example, I will write something like “>>Get Started Here<<” and then click the “Preview” button.

my advertising pays campaign form

On the next page, you will be asked to preview your ad and make sure it’s right. I like to check if the link is redirecting with my affiliate link because sometimes it may not work properly. So after I check and verify that everything is fine, I click the “Confirm” button.

my advertising pays confirm ad

Great, so now you have an active campaign. Next step is to assign it some traffic exchange credits to make it live.

Step 3 – Assigning Traffic Exchange Credits to your campaigns.

The third and final step is to assign traffic exchange credits to your campaign. To do that, simply click the
“Manage Campaign” button under the “Advertising Center” tab.

my advertising pays manage campaigns

On the next page, simply click the “Assign Credit/Booster” button under the “options” tab.

assign credits my advertising pays

A new window will pop up asking you how much credits/boosters you want to assign. Simply enter the number of credits and boosters you want to assign to this campaign and click “Confirm” button and you’re done.

confirm credits my advertising pays

Now your campaign is live and active and people will see your ad in the “Traffic Exchange” tab. But you will not see this ad since you can’t click your own ads. However you can preview it under the “Campaign Stats/ History” tab to see how your ad looks like.

Remember, “impression” means how many times your ad people see in the “Traffic Exchange” section and “Clicks” means how many times people actually click the ad.

The CTR (Click Through Rate) is calculated by the following formula

(No. of Clicks / No. Of Impressions) X 100

So if your impression is 4 and clicks are “1”, your CTR will be 25%.

MAP Events: Significance, Exposure & Dominance

my advertising pays ticketing header

MyAdvertisingPays is growing day by day with great tempo and momentum. There have been some hiccups in the recent days but the management resolved the issue with the help of network experts & IT professionals. Parallel to the endless growth of the company, the events are taking place in different corners of the world which is giving business some healthy exposure. Today we’re going to talk about the importance of these events and how they’re dominating the MAP business.

1. Events.

MAP Events are organized in different parts of the world by that country’s MAP Team. The organizing team manages the venue, presentation and entertainment. The Germans and the British have dominated the world of MAP by organizing countless events in different states of the UK. Both the countries are focusing on their countrymen so it’s quite fun. You get to meet with different people practicing different cultures — all in all, traveling is the most awesome thing that MAP enables for its members.

2. Significance.

These events hold an enormous significance because once you’re an attendee of an event, you’re networking. And by networking, you’re opening the doors of amazing opportunities ahead of you. Everyone knows who Simon Stepsys is, but how? Through the power of events. He’s currently #1 Affiliate in the MAP Global Leaderboard and the key to his success is that he never misses the events, whether it’s in Portugal or Malta.

3. Exposure.

What to do if you want the people to know about your specific brand or product? Marketing. That’s right. It is the most basic and key component of success. In other words, you can say exposure is the key that unlocks the door of success. By attending events or even organizing by yourself, you’re exposing yourself to the audience that not only builds your social network but also drastically increase the chances of your success as a MAP affiliate.

4. Dominance.

You’ve the ability to succeed, but just like a car requires petrol as its fuel, your success requires the power to dominate and influence people. One of the biggest advantage of attending MAP events is that your confidence gets a huge boost — you get to explain this advertising business in impressive words that heavily influences the people. By dominating the people using your words, you’re basically expanding your network and building your team in an efficient way.

5. Experience.

As events are held in different corners of the globe, the community members travel which gives them a whole new experience of the world. Different cultures, lifestyles, foods and love. It’s life-changing and gives them experience not only about the MAP business & opportunities but also the unique fun which they get by traveling. MAP members are more connected and interacted than any other community — and hence why it is called MAP Family.